White Collar Crime

Types Of White Collar Crime

Antitrust Violations: Price fixing, monopolies and other infractions of the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act

Bank Fraud: Fraud against a banking institution, including check fraud, commercial loan fraud, check kiting, and mortgage fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud: Individuals or corporations who lie to creditors or bankruptcy officials about assets or debts

Bribery: Offering money or property with the intention of influencing the behavior of others

Computer/Internet Fraud: Using the Internet or computers to defraud others

Credit Card Fraud: Using someone else's credit card to purchase goods illegally

Counterfeiting: Copying goods (such as designer merchandise) or money, and passing off the copies as genuine

Economic Espionage: Stealing or misusing trade secrets

Embezzlement: Using money or goods entrusted to you for your own benefit

Extortion: Taking money from someone through force, coercion or threats

Forgery: Manipulating or changing a written document for monetary gain

Insurance Fraud: Defrauding insurance companies by exaggerating or fabricating claims

Money Laundering: Running money obtained illegally through a legitimate business

Securities Fraud: Can include insider trading and theft through market manipulation

Tax Evasion: Filing inaccurate IRS returns, not reporting income on tax returns, not filing tax returns

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