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Can't answer that question because of to many unknown facts, state v. Federal, amount of money involved, defendant's prior crimnal record, etc.

You might need a consumer defense attorney but more likely you need a civil litigator. Either way its impossible to determine without more information on how you were overcharged, who did the charging ...Read more

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MY INTERVIEW WITH DISTRICT ATTORNEY HERB CRANFORD On February 7th, 2018, I took my boys, Jake and Reagan, to the Capitol in Atlanta. They both wanted to see the governor again and watch him swear in t ... Read more

Can a university charge you four months later?

Q: I attend a college and one of four roommates made a complaint about the smell of marijuana in the living room. I am a user and so is another roommate. The campus cops barge in and only check our ba ... Read more

Can I get a new trial, or have it dismissed?

Q: The police searched my house refusing to show me the warrant for over an hour and the arrested me for possession of CP and dissemination (which the Pere to peer did on its own). They also stole my ... Read more

Can a lawyer disclose criminal discovery to a third party without the defen

Q: This is a criminal homicide case. The lawyer is always on TV. He gave all kind of information on my brother’s mental health to a news reporter. Neither my brother, nor my family consented to ... Read more

What will happen if I do not respond to the police and where do I go from h

Q: Last month I let someone borrow my car and they were caught shoplifting a single food item from a gas station. The person gave the item back to the manager, but she wanted their ID. The person said ... Read more

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