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Can't answer that question because of to many unknown facts, state v. Federal, amount of money involved, defendant's prior crimnal record, etc.

You might need a consumer defense attorney but more likely you need a civil litigator. Either way its impossible to determine without more information on how you were overcharged, who did the charging ...Read more

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Arizona Company Stealth Solar Admits to Consumer Fraud

Phoenix-based company, Stealth Solar has admitted to committing several infractions constituting consumer fraud and its owners will pay thousands to settle a class-action lawsuit. Protecting Consumers ... Read more

Husband from Real Housewives Found Guilty of Money Laundering

Apollo Nida, husband of Phaedra Parks from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, pleaded guilty to allegedly stealing identities of over 50 people and laundering $2.3 million. Nida and a group of individual ... Read more

Lawyers Gone Bad: Defense Attorneys Accused of Crimes

Criminal defense attorneys help uphold the right to a fair trial by representing people who have been accused of crimes. But every so often, one of them walks a little too close to the dark side, and ... Read more

White- Collar Crime in Michigan

Bernie Madoff is an example of a highly publicized white-collar criminal. Once a successful stockbroker, Madoff created an elaborate Ponzi scheme to divest investors of billions of dollars. Even in Mi ... Read more Article About Looting With Impunity

It is well known that corrupt politically exposed persons can conceal their illicit assets in money laundering circuits.  My recent comments regarding politically exposed persons are included at ... Read more

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