White Collar Crime Basics

There are many different types of white-collar crimes. These crimes involve illegal conduct in a business setting. The main objective of most white-co ... read more
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Bernard Kerik From Policeman to Prisoner
Few public officials have fallen as low as fast as Bernard Kerik. Instead of leading Homeland Security, Kerik will spend the next few years in prison. Who is Bernard Kerik? Kerik began his career as a police detective. His career was on the rise when former New York City mayor, Rudolph Giuliani chose ... Read more

Enron CEOs Case May End Honest Services Theory
Update:  Former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling won a major victory in the US Supreme Court when the Justices narrowed the application of a law used to convict him. Skilling was convicted in part under a federal mail-fraud law that makes it illegal to fail to give “honest services.” The Court agreed with ... Read more

Honest Services Fraud
"You might not have robbed a bank or stolen anything . . . but I can guarantee that you are 'guilty' of 'honest services fraud'" says William L. Anderson, Ph.D., a teacher at Frostburg State University in Maryland. "Have you ever taken a longer lunch break than what you are supposed to do? Have you ever ... Read more

Jail Sentences Get Harsher for White Collar Crime
Sholom Rubashkin, a Lubavich Orthodox Jew and father of 10 was the previous owner of the Agriprocessors slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, the largest kosher meatpacking plant in the United States. In 2008, the government raided his plant and discovered hundreds of illegal immigrants. Sholom was then ... Read more

Some Rob You with a Gun Some with a Fountain Pen
Embezzlement is on the rise and those embezzling are often the people least expected. They're usually the outstanding citizens, the employees of the month, and those workers who received awards and gained their boss' trust. What Is Embezzlement? Embezzling is a growing concern for companies ranging from ... Read more

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You should work closely with the township engineer. We have had similar cases and the engineer is crucial. We can help if you have problems. Ed Dimon 732-797-1600

The Bar Association in your County will work with you and the VA to provide you with an attorney. Ed Dimon

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Arizona Company Stealth Solar Admits to Consumer Fraud

Phoenix-based company, Stealth Solar has admitted to committing several infractions constituting consumer fraud and its owners will pay thousands to settle a class-action lawsuit. Protecting Consumers ... Read more

Husband from Real Housewives Found Guilty of Money Laundering

Apollo Nida, husband of Phaedra Parks from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, pleaded guilty to allegedly stealing identities of over 50 people and laundering $2.3 million. Nida and a group of individual ... Read more

Lawyers Gone Bad: Defense Attorneys Accused of Crimes

Criminal defense attorneys help uphold the right to a fair trial by representing people who have been accused of crimes. But every so often, one of them walks a little too close to the dark side, and ... Read more

White- Collar Crime in Michigan

Bernie Madoff is an example of a highly publicized white-collar criminal. Once a successful stockbroker, Madoff created an elaborate Ponzi scheme to divest investors of billions of dollars. Even in Mi ... Read more

MoneyLaundering.com Article About Looting With Impunity

It is well known that corrupt politically exposed persons can conceal their illicit assets in money laundering circuits.  My recent comments regarding politically exposed persons are included at ... Read more

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